Event Caterers

Event and party catering


We cater for all types and size of party and event across Bristol, Bath, Somerset and Gloucester.*

Home Chef Catering

“I can thoroughly recommend Wards Catering. They served dinner at a house I hired for 13 guests. The service was calm, professional, tidy, and the food was excellent. Best wishes and thank you for a lovely dinner”. (Private dinner, Bristol)


“Five Stars! Wards Catering were communicative, efficient and highly competitive on price. If it was not for Dan, Becky and the team our day would not have gone as well as it did and everyone raved about the food! I would highly recommend Wards for any event!” Naomi Bushrod (Wedding party catering Bath, Somerset)

If you have a family get together, anniversary dinner or party coming up we can offer a personalised dinner service.

Marquee or alternative Venue Catering

If you find the venue we can provide the rest

Examples of previous events catered for:-
Awards dinners and end of season parties
Twinning association dinners and corporate events
Parties, gatherings and private hen party catering 
Children’s parties and BBQs
* A competitive quote with a full break down of prices is available upon request.