Fork & Finger Buffets

These show an example of the types of menu we offer for your wedding, event or party catering.
We can also create a bespoke menu to suit your requirements.

Cold Fork Buffet Menu


Select 2 items

Chicken and Parma ham kebabs with zesty lemon mayonnaise.

Lemon and basil chicken.

Selection of Italian and Spanish cured meats.

Platter of cooked sliced meats.



Select 3 items

Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad (v).

Pasta salad with fresh basil pesto (v).

Rocket and parmesan salad with reduced balsamic (v).

Mixed leaf salad with selection of dressings (v).

Rice salad with roasted vegetables (v).

Moroccan style couscous salad with chickpeas (v).

Fresh vegetable coleslaw (v).


salads catering bristol bath


Select 2 items

Roasted red pepper and pesto tart (v).

Mediterranean vegetable tart (v).

Roasted butternut squash, feta and red onion tart (v).

Brie and red onion tart (v).

Cherry tomato and mozzarella skewers (v).


Finger Buffet

Selection of freshly filled meat and vegetarian flat breads, baguettes and wraps.

Chicken with fresh lemon and basil.

Cherry tomato and mozzarella skewers with reduced balsamic (v).

Selection of meat and vegetarian tarts and quiches.

Halloumi and roasted vegetable kebabs (v).

Selection of fresh olives.